Saturday, 26 September 2015

Crème Eyeshadows.

Remember me? Okay, I'm sure no one noticed I was gone, but if by some miracle you did then... sorry. I really am sorry, because I've missed blogging so much and it's been too long since I've sat down to write about makeup or things that make me as happy as a pig in shite. If you were wondering why I was gone for so long, it's because I kind of sort of moved to France (Strasbourg, to be precise) and was a bit occupied with leaving my job, saying goodbye to friends and family, setting up French bank accounts and finding my way around this amazing new city/weird supermarkets. With all that out of the way, I thought I'd chat a little about cream shadows today (or crème since, yano, France and all that jazz). This is honestly probably a boring topic for most, but gaaaaat damn I love me some cream shadows. Since I don't have even a smidgen (an actual scientific term for measuring things, I'm sure...) of my makeup collection here with me in France, I thought I would just do a small post on some of my favourite cream shadows - in addition to some new ones.
Most of these I brought with me when narrowing down my travel makeup bag, so you can guarantee these are my tried and true. Most of these have also been working pretty well with the crazy humid weather too, so bonus points for that. I don't really talk about cream shadows on my Instagram or blog too too much, but I would say 99% of the FOTD posts you see of mine on Instagram have some sort of cream shadow underneath the lid colour. Cream eyeshadows work great as a quick lazy girl eye look (a.k.a my makeup on a day to day basis) or used underneath eyeshadows to help the colour stand out or prolong the powder shadow. So now that you all know where I've been for the last few weeks and how to use a cream eyeshadow, let's get into some of my favourites!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Urban Decay | Matte Bad Blood Revolution Lipstick.

If you've been reading my blog/Instagram for a while, you probably know that the Urban Decay Revolution lipstick range is one of my top 3 lipstick formulas ever made. Not the cheapest in the world, but I think they're 100% worth it and I love treating myself to one on a special occasion. They feel so so luxurious (packaging and formula wise) and come in lots of fab shades so there's something for everyone. Urban Decay recently came out with 9 new Revolution lipsticks - this time, in a matte formula. The Urban Decay Matte Revolution formula isn't as creamy looking on the lips as their original Revolution formula, but isn't as drying as a typical matte. They're met somewhere in the middle and created such a beautiful lipstick formula that the lipstick gods could do nothing but praise. Completely useless information, but the packaging is equally as fab in the new matte lipsticks, just with black casing instead of the gunmetal.