Friday, 3 July 2015

Brand Focus | Wet n Wild - Eyes.

Part 2 in the Wet n Wild brand focus posts is all dedicated to their eye products! If you haven't seen part 1, you can check it out here and it's all about their complexion/face/cheek products. On a whole, I think Wet n Wild do some amazing eye products, particularly their eyeshadows which you'll see plenty of in this post. I've found they have very, very few disappointing products and even the mediocre ones are either good for the price, workable, or have some redeeming values that make me still enjoy them which is exactly what I like in such an affordable brand.

Colour Icon Eyeliners*
I won't spend a long time talking about these, because they're really not my favourite. They're not too creamy or too dry, but they're just not very pigmented when they go on the eye. The swatches honestly do them more justice than they deserve because they're very, very sheer on the waterline. I'd say skip 'em and opt for the Rimmel Scandaleyes ones instead for an extra 2 euro!

Cool Green*, Bronze*
Top: Cool Green*, Bottom: Bronze*
Cream Eyeshadow Pencils*
These are Wet n Wild's kind of answer to NYX jumbo pencils except a little smaller. Really nice creamy shadow sticks but like the NYX ones, they don't set once you put them on. The colours I have are beautiful shades, and they have both neutral and brights in the line. If you were intending on just using these all over the eye and going out the door, these aren't for you since they don't set or last on their own. You definitely need to set them with a powder eyeshdow on top, but if like me you always use creamy pencils for eyeshadow bases to really make them stand out and last, then these are lovely!

Top: Pixie*, Middle: Distress*, Bottom: Envy*
Top: Pixie*, Middle: Distress*, Bottom: Envy*
Colour Icon 8 Eyeshadow Palette
These are phenomenal. These were one of the first things I'd seen used by American youtubers from Wet n Wild and before WnW were available in Ireland I'd actually gotten a friend to purchase the Blue Had Me At Hello palette in the States! Anyway, these are the three x8 shadow palettes, but WnW have a lot more trios, quads, x5 and x6 pan palettes for all different price ranges with a healthy mix of neutrals, smokey, neons and pastel shades so there's definitely something for every taste. While the consistency of 95% of the WnW eyeshadows I've used are amazing - they're very creamy and smooth for the most part, but of course some of these 8 eyeshadow palettes have the odd dud which is to be expected. To get the most out of all the shadows, I would definitely recommend using a good primer and a sticky base (NYX Jumbo Pencils or the WnW own brand cream shadow sticks... whatever you like!). You will definitely get some fallout, but since I do my eyes first and can clean up easily it doesn't bother me in the slightest, cause the colours look lovely once they're on. The other thing to note is that there are no matte shades in their bigger palettes, so if you're a matte lover I'd stay clear away. I always use these palettes in conjunction with other matte shades I have, so I ain't maaaaaaad. I swatched 4 shades from each of the palettes to give you a general idea of the shadows. Some are better than others, which I talk about more with each individual palette.

Comfort Zone is a beautiful neutral palette with a twist. It has some beautiful light neutrals, warm bronze and then some oliver greens and dark browns. It also has a brilliant dupe for MAC Club eyeshadow - that famous "blue/brown/brick red" style duochrome. I actually prefer the WnW version because it's far more pigmented and the blue shift is more obvious than Club. I'd buy this palette for that one shade alone! Out of the 3 eight pan palettes, this has the best consistency among all the shadows - no real duds!

Comfort Zone

Blue Had Me At Hello is probably not for everyone but the bright turquoise is definitely the star of this show. It has the best pigmentation out of all the shadows in this particular palette. I honestly don't get much use out of any of the other colours; the lighter 3 are nice, but very frosty. Some of the darker crease/definer colours are slightly chalky and look very similar to one another when on the lid. Definitely a palette that needs a sticky base underneath, but is very much workable if you're a blue eyeshadow fan!

Blue Had Me At Hello

Petal Pusher is all pinks and purples. You can definitely go very typically "sweet and girly" or make a beautiful purple smokey eye with it depending on your mood. Purple eyeshadows in general are very hard to get right from most brands, so I would really suggest a good primer and sticky base underneath. Petal Pusher has the most duds out of all the palettes, but I get more use out of it than say Blue Had Me At Hello, cause some of the eyeshadows are quite unique and, like I said, when paired with a good base can be really lovely! The 2 eyelid shades are really the only duds but the right eyelid colour is a nice dupe for MAC's Trax (although not as pigmented, still quite a unique eyeshadow that no other affordable brand really has). It also has  Beauty Marked dupe which is very close in pigmentation to the MAC one.

Petal Pusher

Colour Icon Single Eyeshadows
These little guys are lovely, and the pigmentation has been solid in all 3 that I've tried. They have a lavender one that I have my eye on next, and they're nice to collect if you are into single shadows. Brulée is exactly like the MAC Brulé, a basic matte creamy colour that is perfect for the browbone. It isn't chalky or chunky so I'd recommend that one over the MAC counterpart since it's half the price. Lagoon* is a beautiful vivid navy blue with a bright blue duochrome, similar to MAC Contrast with a smooth texture. Envy* is a jungle green with gold shimmer. The texture is the exact same as Lagoon and I think the blue and green cream shadow pencils would look amazing under those two powder eyeshadows to really make them stick. 

L-R: Brluée, Lagoon*, Envy*

Overall, I'd definitely recommend checking out some of their eyeshadows if you're looking for affordable eye products. The texture in the single shadows are excellent, and the palettes have more hits than misses. I hope ye found this helpful and don't forget to follow via Bloglovin to be kept up to date with part 3! :)