Sunday, 28 June 2015

Summer Skin | Lush, Tan Organics, Waxperts.

I'm a big advocate of looking after your skin any time of the year, but I really like to make more of an effort to exfoliate and moisturize like a mad yoke in the summer when I know my arms and legs are probably going to be on show a bit more. I say probably, because since I'm in Ireland, the word summer doesn't mean a whole lot except ice cream in the cloud or rain, but I thought I'd still show you some of the things I used in my holiday beauty prep routine; some new loves, some firm favourites and recent rediscoveries. 


Friday, 19 June 2015

Face Mask Friday | Lush Cosmetics BB Seaweed.

I'm starting off a series here on Long Hair and Lashes - Face Mask Friday, where (hopefully) each Friday I'll have a small review of a different fresh face mask by Lush. I LOVE the Lush masks, and have been using them for years. They have about 9 in the range so no matter what your skin type or skin concerns, they have something for you. I think they're such a lovely product to use as a twice a week treatment, but you do need to keep them in the fridge! Hugely important (but boring) to reiterate it throughout these posts that because they're made with such fresh ingredients, they only last a couple of weeks and need to be kept chilled. Be sure to keep your black tubs and bring 5 back for a brand new fresh face mask. 

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Review | Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow.

I've had this review written up and saved in my drafts for ages, but I wanted to bring in the help of my friend and her fancy Canon camera because there was no way my camera could do this even an inch of justice! That being said, I hope my fellow "oooh look tinfoil is shiny!" magpies enjoy the review.
When most people hear the word "glitter" they generally wince at the thought. The herpes of cosmetics, right? Spill a pinch of it on your dresser and you'll be seeing stars for weeks after, picking it out of your hair and god knows where else. I personally love glitter, but I definitely understand that it can be a pain, and sometimes I want sparkle without huge chunks of sparkle on my eye lids. This is where Urban Decay come in. They have a range of pressed "Moondust eyeshadows" which gives sparkle, reflects and dimension but without the hassle and mess of pots of glitter. The shade I bought about 3 months ago is in the colour "Solstice" and I thought I'd show you all how absolutely stunning it is - seriously, I could stare at this thing all day.

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow

Monday, 1 June 2015

Brand Focus | Wet n Wild Beauty - Face/Complexion.

Hi guys, I hope you're all well! With Wet n Wild officially launching in Ireland and popping up in more and more places, (Penneys and Dunnes being your best bet to finding them) I thought it would be a good idea to do a brand focus post showing you all the products that I've tried from the brand so far. I had intended on originally doing an overall brand focus (obviously, Grace.. that's what a brand focus post is!) but it was only when I piled all my Wet n Wild products together that I figured it would be way too long of a post to show ye everything in one go. So, I thought I'd split them up into different parts; face/complexion, eyes, lips and nails and I'd link the previous posts as I went along if you wanted to see more.
I will say that I'm overall impressed with Wet n Wild as a brand, particularly since it is so affordable. They have a really broad range of products from all categories at such an amazing price. Of course with most brands, particularly budget ones, there are doing to be duds along the way (which Wet n Wild are not without!) but having tried an array of products I can safely say that they have more gems than duds which I'm very happy about. Gone are the days when we'd write a Wet n Wild list for our family going stateside - Wet n Wild are here and here to stay!