Friday, 19 September 2014

Top 5 | Blushes for Autumn/Winter.

I know, I KNOW. I pretty much fell off the face of the earth this past week or so.. I'm so sorry! I moved into a new house on the other side of the country, started back for my second year of college last week and had a friend staying with me all weekend so I had zero time to blog. That, and I've had 2 novels and 19th Century French poetry to deal with since last week. I'm hoping I'm now back into a semi regular blogging schedule again. I'm finding it difficult to balance that and college, but I'll make it work! Anyway, onto the good stuff... blush! I did a post on my top blushes for spring/summer and decided I would do one for autumn/winter too. I tend to go for more muted tones on my cheeks at this time, and go for a heavy contour and highlight. With it being the season for dark lips, however, I still think it's important to have some bit of colour on the cheeks, to stop your face from looking very washed out.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

FOTD/Get Ready With Me | Anniversary Dinner.

Hi everyone! My last Get Ready With Me style post seemed to be a pretty popular one so I thought I'd do another! I think they're quite nice to do for special occasions or events where you're putting a good bit of thought into your whole outfit and look. My last GRWM (link here) was for a college ball and so was pretty formal. This time round, I decided to do one for my 1 year anniversary dinner with my boyfriend. I had taken pictures of only my makeup and jewellery that night, because I didn't originally have the intentions of doing a GRWM post. I have no photos of the 2 of us, or the ridiculously good Italian food and cheesecake/gelato we ate which is ultimate sad face. I took pictures of the details of the dress and accessories the next day, so I'll definitely have to plan it better next time round if I had have been thinking. It'll be a wedding anniversary before I ever get around to planning anything half decently realistically. Butttt, because this is mostly a beauty blog, I figured the makeup was the most important thing really wasn't it?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

FOTD/Step by Step How To | Urban Chaos (Urban Decay Electric Palette).

I have been dying to get properly stuck into the Urban Decay Electric Palette since I got it last month. I had no time to sit down and play with makeup between moving my stuff from Dundalk to Galway, but I finally got a chance to throw some of the colours on my eyes and this is what I came up with. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out - it reminds me of a (radioactive) peacock. Blues and purples are colours I love to wear together, and I decided last minute to include the pop of yellow/green in the inner corner. The lid almost reminds me of a water colour with the blues and purples merging into one, so I opted to skip out on winged liner because I thought it would make it slightly more 'harsh' and almost graphic looking. That being said, you could definitely choose to add wings if you feel a little naked without them like I often do! I paired this with subtle highlighting, a pink blush and some nude lips. I have a review with swatches of the Electric Palette here and a slightly more neutral FOTD using it here if you're interested in seeing more of this palette :)

That Thrash colour is insaaaaaaaane - it just glows!